I purchased a Tiger Woods PGA 08 used disk. What do I have to do to play golf on my computer using this disk?

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    Insert disc into the disk drive. Wait for game to load. Play. Are you sure you should be using a computer or anything electronic?
    First off get a really good sense of balance, carefully place a golf ball on the letter "S" you stand on the letter"A", Using the disc you refer too keeping your good eye on the ball swing the disc and try to put the ball on "backspace" key. As you get more proficient you can start using the smaller keys as the target. Before you know it you will be in the Masters----- as a water boy/girl. Come on laugh it took a lot of working out to answer your question ------ I don`t play golf. Too old now and when I was younger there were better thing to chase than a little white ball.

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