June 27, 2018....Special Day for two on aka!

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    Country Bumpkin and ROMOS...still kissin' and huggin' after 5 years!    :)))

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    country bumpkin

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    I read the question and my first thought was how and why ducky would know my ex husbands bday? Oh. Should have known.....

    No jh, it's a congratulations post for Country Bumpkin and ROMOS. :)

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    Congratulations you two lovers. Have a great celebration on Sat, and I hope  you have many more wonderful years together. 


    Haha, the kissy-faces are adorable!

    Our five-year anniversary?  Where does the time go?  It doesn't seem like it's been this long since Roy and I have been blessed to start sharing our lives together.

    Roy has been working the night-shift so we are waiting until Saturday to celebrate.

    We are going to the big city of Glasgow. 

    Roy and I will be at the Toby Jug for a couple of drinks and then to the Topolabamba for dinner.  Margaritas, here we come! LOL

    Thank you, Ducky, for remembering our special day. XX




    Hard to believe it has been 5 years,congrats to you both, and thanks Ducky for letting us know.  :}

    I noticed,,congrats,,you two...may the fore coming years be all that u hoped and dream for,,love and best  wishes hector...….

    Congratulations. I know you miss the tarzan area though.

    country bumpkin


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