''I'm still alive, right?"

    I was walking in a parking lot, and there were 2 cars backing up while turning. Along comes a woman, engrossed with her cell phone. She had her head down all the time. I doubt that either driver saw her, as neither one braked. She could've been sandwiched. I yelled out, That's just brilliant. 2 card backing up and you walk right in between. She told me, "Why don't you worry about yourself, I'm still alive, right?" I felt like pursuing her and really letting her "have it". Wouldn't you have been "ticked-off"?

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    I was lugging a trolly bag full of groceries behind me on a sidewalk wide enough for three or four adults to walk side by side comfortably.     A young woman (early to mid-twenties) was walking towards me while texting on her phone.  I was as far over as I could be without having to walk in the grass.  She had to jump into the grass mid-step to avoid hitting me and she almost fell down. 


    The lady was ungrateful to you for warning her about the two cars backing up towards her so pursuing her to tell her off would have made the situation worse.

    I have a feeling she will learn the hard way that watching where she's heading is more important than having her head up someplace else.

    It's always annoying when you've helped someone out and then, not only are they not thankful, they're actually upset with YOU. Grrrrrrr......   Still, you did the right thing. Good for you.

    ....opinion : you took the high road; the other way would have been pearls before swine

    You did the right thing YDD,,i would have yelled after she got Sandwiched..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I would have reacted with something like, well next time I won't warn  you  b$@#&.

    I have very little tolerance for stupidity. I would have answered, " If you're brain dead but are still walking and talking, then I guess you're right; you are still alive."  I always try to get in the last word with stupid people.


    As if they care. :)

    Getting the last word doesn't make one the smarter

    I would have said something demeaning; hopefully within her earshot. I tend to think of clever responses only after the fact.......

    "Yes, you are.....and YOU'RE WELCOME!"

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