Do you part your hair? If so, is it on the left side, right side or down th middle? Why?

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    No part for me. I just have a short, curly mess.      :)

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    I have long hair without bangs/fringe so I usually part my hair down the middle.

    If I part my hair, I will part it on the left side because I have a Cowlick in my bangs area and my hair seems to part better to the left side.



    No part at all,why??,because that was the style back then..nowadays i do not have enough hair to part..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for rock and roll hairstyles for guys

    A wide part, right down the middle. Why? Because there's hardly any work involved. Also, I don't use a comb; I use a rake! <!--StartFragment-->Image result for bald<!--EndFragment-->

    down the middle.


    Yes a wide natural parting down the middle, just a little bit left above each ear now.


    Ah, Donald's weekend look.

    His look after it was very "stormy".

    ....on the left

    it's not exactly a hair is swept to my left. It is full and wavy .

    Slightly to the right. I have red and blue tint in my hair and it won’t show otherwise.  Hey, if I spent the bucks......

    In the middle and I have bangs that are in dire need of cutting!



    I cut hair for free clu. :)

    @Ducky I went today and got a cut! Sorry she was much closer. LOL

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