Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

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    It's a cat thing apparently...............


    You make me want to go buy a cucumber. I don’t see my cats being afraid of anything other then a stranger. I wonder that wouldn a zucchini produce the same results? Or a pickle? Or celery? Hmmm. Call me cruel but I’m gonna check this out as I don’t believe it. I’ll apologize to YinYang, Mickey and Randy in advance but feel it’s unnecessary.....

    It's a possibility the cats believe the cucumbers are snakes.



    ....anything unexpected 

    Cucumbers emit a squeal noise that cats can hear. It's threatening to them.

    Maybe because they can be mistaken for dogs?<!--StartFragment-->Image result for cucumber dog<!--EndFragment-->

    No, I don't think like that If your cat afraid to cucumbers, then its nothing like any big problem. Sometimes every animal sometimes scared against certain animals and maybe the cucumbers looking like some other shapes so that is the reasons. You can buy any cat toys from Nandog Pet Gear which helps to engage them at every time.

    I believe they think it's an animal because it can roll, but they get upset when they can't find the eyes and nose.

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