Can former members influence this forum?

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    In what way?

    Can former members see what we say now? Do former moderators still have access to your address? Are former members blocked or are they in your backyard? I don't like the idea of people having my adrdess on the internet. Do you?
    country bumpkin

    @ Clu
    Please check your e-mail from yesterday. :)

    Thanks all! I wish I had never said a thing! Have a wonderful evening!

    Sometimes I feel like that too. :)

    5 Answers

    Questions by clu:  Can former members see what we say now?

    Do former moderators still have access to your address?

    Are former members blocked or are they in your backyard? I don't like the idea of people having my address on the internet. Do you?


        A.Who can see what is posted on akaQA:

       akaQA is a worldwide forum so anyone with access to the internet can read every question, comment or answer a member or a one-time passerby posts on this site.  I have come across akaQA (answered) questions on the internet when I'm not on akaQA.


       B.  Who can see your email address on your profile page:

       Only the member, an active moderator, and the administrative head can see the email address which the member provided upon signing up to become a member of akaQA.    

        I don't know if after a moderator resigns from akaQA if it's possible to still be able to see the e-mail address provided by the member.  ( I don't mean to put Moderator Ducky on the spot, but she may know the answer to this particular question.


    I guess that a moderator can block a member say trying to be 2 different people by checking an IP address. I'm not trying to be a nut I just wondered. Sorry if i'm being a problem
    country bumpkin

    A moderator can suspend a member.
    The Administration can block an IP address.

    ....guessing: yes, through ongoing relationships/communication using other forms of sharing outside of akaQA


    ....interesting question 


    I agree and its kind of scary!

    I do not have all the answers to these questions. This I do know. If you do not want personal information available to the entire world, do not, I repeat, do not put it anywhere at anytime....period!!! But DO think about whatever is worrying you. What do you suppose anyone could do to you if they did have your address, email, telephone number, height, weight and age? You no doubt have people in your local grocery store or mall, who know even more!

    Note: Moderators do the best job possible. It's not as glamorous as some seem to think and there is always lots of criticism, oh yes, lots! Those who started this forum did so, to make money. They are not! With the few members who are left, I suggest that we remain happy that it has not been shut down altogether. Let's just relax, enjoy and appreciate. Thank you.


    ....good job mods

    Thank you. That goes a long way.

    Moderators can edit questions, answers, comments. Fortunately, our moderators have had at least a modicum of integrity and respected, to a large degree, our freedom of thought and expression, even the one whose name must not be mentioned. :D 

    You mean a former mod? I dont know if their abilities are stripped upon resignation or not. I would think so but who knows whats happeni with our administration? I think everybody is aware of who you’re asking about. All I can offer is why, after all this time away, why would she still be interested? And what can she actually do? As the old song goes: paranoia will destroy ya.......

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