Johnny Hallyday died

     Question for Americans : Who was he?

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    country bumpkin

    I was the first member to answer your question,

    I also researched my answer so this is why I was able to provide pictures of JH, his obituary, a video of him singing on stage and how I also know this man was deemed as the French Elvis.

    Julie,( who answered after me) only knows he was the French Elvis because she looked at my answer.
    Tabber (who answered after me) mentioned that she's not heard of him, but you give Tabber best answer.

    Neither Tabber nor Julie provided the information you requested.

    You also asked a question three months ago. Question: Can anyone please explain this pun? ( I can't).

    I was the first person and the only person out of three members who answered the pun question correctly. You did not acknowledge my correct answer or my effort than either.
    It's obvious that I am the only person who provided the correct answer to both questions.
    Someone must have hurt you very deeply. I feel sorry for you.

    3 Answers

    I never heard of him, but he sounds pretty special!!!  God bless him and his love ones!!!

                                            The  French Elvis

    I’m too Texan thus not familiar with the French Elvis. Oh, probably I’ve heard a song or two of his and not know it. Poor France; America went through days and days of mour when our king died.  The French have my condolences. What a sad, sad shame....

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