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    If you have over 100cc of liquid in your bag it will be confiscated, but once past security you can buy more liquid and take it on the plane. Explanation please.

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    I dunno. Sometimes stuff ge missed. They took my conditioner but overlooked the same sized bottle of shampoo. And on my keychain for the car I have a key fob that contains a working screw driver along with a phillips, something else and a very sha one inch blade. I guess because it’s all metal and kind of looks like a blob it gets missed. Go figure airlines.......

    Hope this helps. From the TSA; I don't know about flights not under their jurisdiction.

    When i was o/s any bottle over 100ml had to be put in the confiscation bin, i guess anything you buy after going through security may ber items been checked before sale, the other thing is duty free items go in the hold now not with you in the cabin.  - if you smoke they will take your lighter as well, i went through 8 lighters , thankfully i did not take my good zippo.

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