What are your main regrets in your life?

    Mine:1. I never learned to play a musical instrument. 2. I never learned to play chess. 3. I have never smoked cannabis. 3. I have never been to an orgy.

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    Thatt third one can make you go bald,

    I heard it can make you go blind.

    You guys crack me up . LMBO :-D

    1. Get a kazoo....that counts! 2. Online...go for it 3. "Just do it". 4. You may want to look into hosting this?

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    Had I known the grief, struggle, the rage I was to encounter while losing my son, I would have done things differently. The situation would never have come up. I was too trusting and immature in thinking everything was done right. There are animals out there.....


    Time heals so they say,or does it,??????????

    I'm still waiting to find out .....

    Julie, do you know what state he's living in ?

    Maybe, just maybe that I never took the job in Perth Australia that I was offered in 1986, my then wife refused to go, didn't want to leave HER family,che sera sera!


    I nearly made it their or Canida ,but others decided otherwise,


    Did Canada say NO ? If we did, we're prepared to reconsider now that we know that you're a relatively low risk to our security.

    Romeos, a woman is supposed to follow her husband.

    That I cant start all over again and again,


    Hector, you're still young

    So much of my limited time on earth has been wasted.


    I'm sure not wasted,Miss Bob,you are talented in so maney ways,

    Sigh, you are sweet, hector. If I actually have any talent, it's not been used wisely. :(

    My regret would be that I never took education/school seriously.


    P L, I feel like that myself. But, I made up for it by going to college when I was over 30.

    My circumstances would not have allowed me to pursue any further education.
    Good on you mcm for having a go to better yourself.

    I've had a few,but life goes on.I count my blessings these days.When I look at some others it seems I have so much to be thankful for.


    I feell a frank Sinatra coming on Tommyh.

    You are so right, Tommy. Even without looking at others, you know you have many blessings! Start with the beautiful woman who shares your life and go from there!

    I regret that I've never had the love I've given returned, had more children and that I haven't become rich.


    You ARE rich, you're ALIVE!

    Very true. My friend has money and came down with A.L.S a year ago. The money isn't helping him fight the disease, as there is currently no cure, nor anything to stop its progression..

    As I said, YOU are alive, enjoy!

    If you have you health and someone who loves you , you have everything.

    I regret being a cold heartless B--ch to my little brother when he needed me.

    I regret not finishing high school even though I did go to college years later.

    I regret marrying my son's father but I don't regret having my son. He was the one spectacular thing that came from my marriage.

    My latest regret is that I worry I have failed my son even thought I was a great mother to him but some things are just out of our control.

    I mainly regret that I didn't / couldn't have children. The circumstances were not right. You need several elements to fall into place at the right time to make having and raising a child possible.

    ....regret not attacking sin or bad habits earlier in their influence 

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