Why is the Capitalist countries Caqnada, USA, UK are killing tge Gadafi Family just for OIL

    I am a guyanese and Libya was very Generous to our country Financially Religeously and technically, more than any other countries in the world

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    Better question.....why was Gadafi killing his own civilians before the uprising? Why was he ordering the slaughtering of men, women and children?
    Would you take up arms for this nut? He's done so much good for your people you claim. These dictators do nothing for nothing. Wait, pay backs are a bitch.
    You should join Gaddafi's forces.. :)
    You sure have a narrow viewpoint on your question. The news in the U.S. proclaims that we are there to assist the rebels in their quest for democracy. I'm not saying that this is the whole answer, I'm sure that's it's not.

    I'm sure that if you check your facts NATO hasn't taken one drop of oil from Libya. Maybe you can do some more research and come up with an answer or question closer to the truth.

    As an American I can tell you that most of the American people, in general don't want our military to be there. The country is broke and can't afford another war... not to mention may U.S. citizens don't believe we should be policing the world.
    They were given the chance to do the honorable thing, stepdown from power, quit killing, raping and stealing from their own people and others. So, that's where you get the term "Choices and Consequences".
    I will ignore your problem with the English language, but point out that Gadafi may have been generous to Guyana. He has also been very generous in giving support to terrorists who killed hundreds of people over Scotland, and other similar crimes around the World.
    Before you ask controversial questions like this I think you should go back to school & learn how to spell Canada.

    He might want to start with the simple words such as "the".

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