What about showing how we feel ( voting yes) to all the Men and Women who are serving our Country, past and present, so we can keep our Freedom? Let's try to beat the "ghost" question amount of votes.

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    I'll wholeheartedly vote yes on this one.All through school I was set to join the Royal Navy (the number one sevice !!!!) as an engineer but i decided to take a few years out after school,get a job n join up when it felt right.I finally went to the recruiting office 100% certain that it was the right time.I was 22 then and it never once entered my mind i'd not be snapped up in seconds.I was young,fit,enthusiastic and had done 3/4 of my engineering degree at college.Well turns out a year earlier they'd changed the entry requirements so that asthmatics couldnt be accepted without 5years clear of needing medication.Never mind i was working as a lumberjack and very fit they wouldnt take me.I was/still am gutted.Still I support our forces,feel pride my grandad fought in WW2 as a sergeant in the British Army.Thumbs up !!!!


    I watch the HISTORY channel alot when it is about WW2, or other subjects. It's funny, America broke away from Britian's rule, yet they are always there when "U.S.of A." needs help. I would like Britian to know that I'm as proud of their millitary as if they were OURS, THE USA. Where would we be without their help? I ask that alot.

    Are you trying to use our military to get easy karma? <wink>

    I love our military and am extremely proud of those who serve. If I see a person in uniform out in public, I walk up to them and shake their hand and thank them for their service. It always bothers me when someone claims they are in the military (any branch) and then I find out they are not. I find that completely disrespectful to the ones serving.


    Great answer. I was thinking the same thing. I was going to give this a TU but decided against it. (pat pat)

    Colleen, your great! I have never served. They did away with the draft just after I was called for a physical, which I did attend. Scare out of my wits to be honest. I don't know how it would be let alone go to war. I wanted to be a "Life-er" in the Navy, first with college, to enter as a Officer. Sometimes I feel guilty because I didn't serve. I always wanted to know how a "VET" feels about some one who hasn't served, but I love your answer. Good for you. Thanks!



    Three of my siblings served. 1 brother in the army, 1 brother in the air force and 1 sister in the air force. I became a truck driver like my father, lol I've always been proud of my siblings for their service and in awe that they did it. I am not a morning person at all. I'm a night owl. Knowing how I was with mornings, I figured 4 or 5 am wake up was not going to work for me. That truly is the only reason I never joined.


    No questions are any less or more. All questions are necessary. I'm sorry , it was not to be a prsonal attack. Just a obsevation.

    Ms Sinclair

    Why did you single out my question? There are much more ridiculous questions that have a lot more views than mine.

    It looks good in the movies, doesn't it.

    Having served six years active duty in the U.S. Army, I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the young men and women serving in our uniformed services. They represent our nation's best.

    God bless and protect each and every service member; especially those who are in harms way.

    This question has offended some readers. This was not my intention. I should not have asked it at all. I was only pointing out that if someone says the word "ghost" that they recieved seemingly thousands of votes. These two different statement/question ,should not have been combined. I should not have commented or asked anything. I am not trying to attack you or anyone else. I was just stupid at your expense and I must say it won't happen again.

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