if u could do what ever u wanted to do what would you do

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    fly through the cosmos, looking for new galaxys ,stars and the like in a 1977 elderado convertable coup(with the top down of cource) with a BIG bottle of champaign
    I would love to travel across the USA giving away money to people that just need a break.
    I would build my inventions, take the profits from those inventions and start a invention company that helps people that don't have the capital to build their own inventions.

    I would take 10% of their profits and invest that money into other peoples inventions. It would benefit everyone that has a good idea, but doesn't have the money to make their invention into a reality.

    I have been through a few different invention companies and they either just want your money, or want to steal your ideas. It's a shame that it takes money to make money, but that's the reality of it.

    hmmm, to think i'll be going to those companies in the future :(

    If you ever did build an invention company leeroy, call me as your first client :)

    I went to Davidson or some name similar to that and after the confidentiality contracts expired, almost a year to the date, my invention ideas were on the market. I.S.C. just wants you to pay and pay, there's not a very good choice of companies to choose from in this industry.

    I'll let you know, thanks.
    I would travel around the world by my own boat :) take a journey, reflect on life as an escape from this whole material, confusing world, clear the mind in other words. then come back all fresh :)

    unfortunately that can only happen in my dreams :( Uni course needs to be finished, after that, starting a career, after that, who knows :(

    he did say "whatever u wanted to do"
    Iwould be a pope and weare them nice long dresses and pink shoues,if not
    I think I would like to be a lumberjack
    if I had enough moola I would luv 2 learn 2 fly a plane my main unfilled dream in life

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