why does my macbook keep changing the printer from the one assigned to an old one (haven't used it in over a year) ?

    the macbook is connectec to a wireless hp printer and once in a while it keeps going back to this inkjet printer that we used to use in the Uk (we are now in france) it then show two printer on the dashboard and yet this printer is not in the list in the utilities ??? help now its not printing at all?

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    The old printer is listed as "Default" for your system not only in the "system preferences" but also various programs that are preferenced to your old printer. The most likely are programs that have a print option. Also, If you keep a history file going back, there are likely references to your old printer there too. So if you go back into the system the old print system may pop-up when you call for a print of an old doc, img, etc.

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