who is responsible for neglect to a female that was incarcerated with a broken leg for eleven days and the twelth day released and had surgery plates and screws put in $78,000

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    If the police did not get her medical treatment when she needed it, then they are responsible which makes the town or state responsible depending on if it was town police or state police. 

    I feel that, as is usually the case when it comes to "incarceration stories", there is more to the story. I would need to know the WHOLE story, in order to comment. Most members of the prison society, are either completely innocent or have been persecuted in some way....according to them.

    It is not uncommon for authorities to release someone so the county would not have to pay for medical treatment. By any department policy , after arrest the person would have been seen by medical.

    Whatever agency (in the "civilized world") oversaw the incarceration, if the broken leg was known to them upon or shortly after the incarceration.

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