Our carpet was damaged by clean water. The wet area is 2' by 2'. What do we do?

    We do not want our carpet to be forever damaged and/also we do not want to spend a lot of money. Any ideas?

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    Run the fan over it, If it is near a corner, and wall to wall, lift it, and put something under it to let air dry carpet and pad.  If an odor, spray with vinegar and let it dry.  Have an installer fasten it back and stretch it down.  We had water from hot water tank, and involved the insurance, it was well worth it.  We paid our deductible, and got new carpet for the $500 deductible.   The pad is where the mold will grow...


    Whoa ... Thanks. Mold & Mildew are fears of mine. I've never had to fight it. I'm going to look it up too. I do know it can make you very sick.
    What kind of vinegar? White? Cider?
    The fans are going. Most of the water has been sucked out by the shop vac. HOW CAN YOU KNOW IF MOLD IS GROWING? (The wet area is in the hall - no corner available.)

    It, what I mean by a corner, is at a wall, easier if at some corner, pull up carpet to inspect and dry padding. And white vinegar is my choice. True that until it dries, it will make ones mouth water and want french fries. (here in RI, it is what we put on our fries). Good luck..

    Also a dehumidifier will dry things up faster..

    OK ... White Vinegar in a spray bottle is next. We'll see about the dehumidifier. It smells ok this morning. (Or else I'm getting used to it!)
    It seems dry. We will watch the pad.
    This discussion could be useful to anyone who EVER has this problem.

    Get the water out asap. It will stink if you don't. Rent a carpet cleaner to get the water out of if you have a shop vac (wet) use that or check to see if someone has one that you can borrow or go buy one. 


    I will show my husband your answer.

    If it's leaving a stain,sprinkle it with bi-carb soda while it is still damp & brush it in.Then vac it up when it's dry.You can hire a carpet dryer fan with a special scoop on it to go under the carpet as well.Alternatively,what Ray said is a good idea.Fork out the 500 bucks deductible & get new carpet thru your insurance,


    If it's not totally dry tomorrow. I want to hire a carpet dryer fan.
    We had this water problem because my husband put a new handle on the bathroom sink. It leaked while we slept. Now I have only hot water in there.

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