! am bordline diabetic, eating candy and sweets make it come quicker? Thanks Mike

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    Are you in a hurry to have a chronic, lifelong disease that can kill you? Looking forward to puncturing your finger 3-4 times a day to check your blood sugar? Can't wait to give yourself insulin shots in your thigh or stomach? Pop some pills? Go into a diabetic coma? Sorry to sound pissy, but I had gestational diabetes and it was difficult, inconvenient, and dangerous.

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    Stop eating candy and sweets, start eating healthily and you'll be amazed with the results.

    Check this site out Mike >

    Many foods will make it worse and being "borderline diabetic" needs to be taken very seriously.  Some reading for you....

    And here.....

    Studies do show that sweetened foods can up diabetes risk, but sugar alone isn’t necessarily enough to cause the disease on its own. With more than 20 million Americans living with diabetes and millions more at a high risk for the disease, understand how sugar affects diabetes, as well as other risk factors, is essential to reversing the diabetes epidemic. 

    Read more here > 


    I've read a few studies that point to milk as a highly suspicious culprit as well...I stopped drinking it years ago. No moo-oo for me thanks...make mine almond! ;)

    I'm not a fan of milk. I use it for cooking and for the occasional bowl of cereal. That's about it.

    I actually had a mouthful of real cow's milk a few weeks ago...could hardly swallow it...tasted like green grass and fat and cowiness...I nearly spat it out! ( yuck ) le' moo-oooo!

    I use 1%. Has little to no taste.

    My mom had Diabetes. Her mom died of Diabetes. Mom’s sister had Diabetes. Her daughter had Diabetes. I’m high risk for sure and will be reading the links plus more. Thank you all.

    So far I’ve been fine. Luck.

    "Ga-ah-lee, Andy. If I get too close to the fire, could it burn me?"

    I can't believe you would ask a question like this, if you have even half a brain (and go ahead and censure me).  Surely your doctor has discussed what you need to do to reduce your risk of becoming a full-blown diabetic.  I'll bet my last penny it didn't include eating candy and other sweets.  
    By the way, diabetes doesn't go away...but you can lose your limbs, teeth, and eyesight as a result of it.....have sores that don't heal....stuff like that.  

    I too am boarderline diabetic.  My Dr. said I  would not be if I would lose weight. So, for some, it is reversable

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