Can I ask for prayers for my partner? Almost lost him Monday morning! Emergency surgery!

    His colon is dead and had to be removed!  Found him on the dining room floor at 130 in morning!  He is stable right now-- I am a freaked out mess!

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    He is improving and starting to get grumpy which is a good sign! Thanks to all of you for being so sweet! It really helps! I am sorry I can't reply to each of you but Thanks and I love you all!

    Thank you for your update clu. I'm sure that I can speak on behalf of the whole gang here and say that we understand that you can't respond to us individually. Remember to take care of yourself as well. Drop back in when things settle down.

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    That is sad news clu.  Best wishes for the both of you... Think positive...

    Modern medicine is amazing when it has to be and it has to be right now.


    xo Fish


    Stay strong, Clu.  I'm wishing your partner a fast and healthy recovery.



    Sorry to hear that clu....sending thoughts and prayers to you and your partner. May he be completely well very soon.



    Thanks Ducky! I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now! I got angry with him for being lazy while I was on vacation And then this happens! I feel SO guilty!

    Things happen clu, whether or not you were angry with him. You are not at fault here, he simply has had a medical emergency. Stay quiet and calm and that will help both of you. ((clu))

    Stable is good clu, stay positive, thinking of both of you.


    Clu, I will pray for him. I went thru nightmareish scenes like that with my late husb when he was still alive. Hope your companion gets all well soon.

    Thinking of you both, hope he recovers soon. God Bless ,  x

    "" Sending healing prayers for a quick recovery.

    Hang in there Clu! Sending energy/strength your way and healing energy his way. Stable is good! Keep your spirits up and just believe that he will get through this. Your energy will help him to get there. Do not waste the energy worrying. Use that energy to keep him looking forward. As long as he has the will, there will be a way. 


    Thanks Colleen! He belongs to a spirit of life circle church and your energy will surely help! Bless you!

    God shines His light and whatever will be, will be. I am not getting any negative vibes so I'm feeling like he will get through this.

    Thanks again! I feel like a big cry bay! It is so scary! July is a Bad month for him and I! This is when bad medical things happen! Is it possible for that to be true?

    I think you are just being human. If you believe that July is a bad month then it will be so. Alter your vision and you could make July a healing month instead. ;)

    Sending healing prayers with love and light x

    Warmest prayers and regards for a full recovery, of what health will bring.. 

    clu, thank God he is out of danger. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. He will come thru. Look after yourselves.

    Oh, @clu! What an ordeal for both you and him. You are in my prayers as well............jhh


    IOUTU! :)


    Thanks again. You don't owe me. Save your little points for what's coming in today.....(by little, I mean few...)

    You have a great support system here, clu, and my humble prayers are with you and your partner.  Hopefully, the doctors and nurses attending him will be compassionate and competent in his care, and you can worry about smiling pretty when you visit with him.  YOU take care of yourself during this time, and have faith....the size of a mustard seed is good enough. 

    Fishlet mentioned that modern medicine is amazing when it has to be. This is the time for modern medicine to show you two just what it can do. You and your partner are in our thoughts and prayers. x

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