Zimmerman-Martin case over: Media Circus continues

    Does this case remind you at all of the OJ Simpson Extravaganza?

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    Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of George, is one worth listening to...very intelligent, well-spoken and makes some excellent points including the fact that his brother George, accused of being a racist, has mentored two African-American children. In addition, the Zimmerman boys themselves are bi-racial.

    Thank you, Ducky. I didn’t know that.

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    I can't wait to see what the media does with this next. Almost worth turning the TV on again....

    It might be a good idea to keep the media (all media) out of these trials. They started analyzing this case, before it even started. All the "experts" talk at great length about the "facts", long before the real facts are even known. What makes a journalist the "expert" on everything to do with a trial? I think they went to journalism school not law school.

    Yes. All through it , it reminded me of the O.J. Simpson's trial.

     Why did they have 6 jurors, instead of 12 ?  And why didn't they have any men on the jury ? It's supposed to be a cross hatch of our society.


    Florida sets juries to 6 peers to get a faster verdict. Less people to argue with each other. States have the right to decide if 6 or 12 will be used.

    No. Racism was a key component here. (it was made an issue.)


    Yet racism was never a part of the event. Obama, Eric Holder, the DOJ, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton created the race issue.

    Not guilty!!!!!!! The judge might have been biased but the jury members kept their heads and used the common sense God gave them. 

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