Do you think a very expensive wedding is worth it? My husband read the average wedding costs $28,00.0

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    What is considered a total waste of money for one person, can be a lifetime dream for another.  It's the same with what a person will spend on entertainment....or not. Some always need a nice car to drive, others are content with a junker as long as it gets them from A to B...and on and on. Personally, I see no sense in large, expensive weddings since there is often more attention paid to the "wedding" as opposed to the "marriage".

    OUTRAGEOS.......I always thought the rule of thumb was one months salary !!


    I guess that would be $4-6,000. Don't know.

    For me, that would have been under $2,000.

    If we went to one wedding, 2 showers, and tithed for weekly attendence
    and then a couple of occasions of friends or relatives out of town -- we’d go broke. But we'd keep the wedding planners in business.

    one month's salary of whom? .....the bride's parents ?

    The Groom !!

    I think people are nuts to waste money like that on something that may not last. Just pay for the marriage license, pay the JP and take all the money you saved and use it as a down payment for a house. The couple's friends can host a celebration party in lew of gifts. Done and cheap for all. 


    I got so rattled by my own question that I put the decimal in the wrong place.

    It's OK, I think we all know what you meant.

    A lot of people go into serious debt having that dream wedding, with wedding gowns that are thousands of dollars, never mind the catering, booze, and music. Flowers, etc. etc. etc. 

    It does seem pretty crazy, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime party (maybe not so much anymore, but still...), and if that is what the couple want and can afford it, who am I to be a naysayer. 

    It's a celebration along with a commitment.  What astounds me far more than the cost of a wedding is the cost and prep that goes into a quinceanera, the "debutante" party for a 15 year old Hispanic girl.  My son participated in one and it was a MAJOR extravaganza.  I'm pretty sure you could have had a really nice wedding for the same amount of money, plus the "court" practiced their special dance for weeks. 

    $28,000 ? !   That's rediculous !  It would be better put toward a down payment on a house. Chances are, they'll get divorced anyway.

    It comes down to personal preference. When I owned my Bakery some brides wanted a very elaborate cake and others were more conservative. If some people want to spend the money to be over-the-top, and they can afford it, then who really cares. If on the other hand, someone over spends themselves into debt, the old saying that a fool is born every minute might apply.


    Very good thoughts, well said

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