can a tv be used as a computer monitor?

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    Things You'll Need
    Television screen
    Cable or adapter for necessary video input/output

    Check the video outputs for your computer. Most computers have VGA outputs; some offer other options such as S-Video, or on high definition computers you might find DVI or HDMI.

    Find the inputs on your television. Most older televisions have coaxial and maybe composite or S-Video inputs. Enhanced definition TVs and high definition TVs often have several inputs which are often VGA, DVI, component or HDMI.

    Locate the necessary cable or adapter. If your computer and TV have the same output and input, then you just need the necessary cable. If not, you have to find an adapter. There isn't always a suitable adapter.

    Connect the computer to the TV and test it out. You may find that the quality is poor compared to what you are used to on a computer monitor. TVs are designed with different specifications than computer monitors and many can only support a resolution of 640x480. Several high definition TVs support higher resolutions.

    Look for a monitor that can support use for both a computer and television. It is increasingly common to have a monitor pull double duty as a television and computer screen. Many monitors have input options you can switch so you can have several peripherals plugged in to one monitor.

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    It most certainly can,  you will  need compatible cables from pc to tv.  You will have to wait for answer for more details from a computer person.. We have one in the family  who has attached it to a 32 inch tv..

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