my 18 yr old was offered by a 26 yr old "CEO" to start selling surround sound systems for him from his car. Says he can make up to $2000 a day. Isn't this illegal?

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    I remember years ago people used to drive around in white vans and ask you at traffic lights, "do you want to buy some speakers," it is legal as long as the company has proper licensing.

    The funny thing is when I was young and owned a white van my friends and I would ask people the same question as a joke, occasionally people would say,"What do you have," but most of the time the answer was no.

    The problem was that some of these companies would sell counterfeit merchandise or they would just sell empty speaker boxes... I wouldn't say that it's the best job to get into, if it's legit it may be okay.

    Another downside to this is they teach you to be a pushy salesmen, and you have to handle a lot of rejection. If your kid can make thousand's of dollars a day, that's a whole lot of real speakers he will have to be selling. It takes a natural born salesman to succeed at a job like this... Hope this helps, good luck.

    p.s. Check out the reputation of this company online, and see what info you can pull up on this type of selling in your state.
    Sounds like he's trying to move "hot" items. Ask for some form of proof that these items are not stolen and this "business" is legit.


    If he's asked to put a lot of money into the business first, it's prob a scam and he's gonna come out on the short end of the stick.

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