What is the BTU "capacity" for 1/2" OD copper supply line with LPG?

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    Explain please? BTU I only know that as British Thermal Units used to quantify the cooling capacity of air conditioning. Enlighten this Aussie please. What is upstream downstream in the calculation, no mention of water or river,creek?
    This is a more complicated question than it appears. First, it depends on whether the LPG gas line is upstream or downstream of the regulator. If upstream, the pressure is higher, therefore, smaller pipe will carry the same capacity as downstream of the regulator. Second, it depends on the distance you are running the pipe, as well as the inside dimension of the pipe (Type L copper has a larger inside diameter than Type K copper, the two approved types copper pipe used for pipe runs). Go to for tables on sizing the line BASED ON THE DISTANCE OF THE RUN. Always add 50% of the measured length for fittings and valves in the system to determine the total developed pipe length listed in the tables. Also, you need to be aware that Copper pipe is NOT APPROVED in all areas...check with your local building safety department at the town/county you reside to make sure you can use copper. NEVER use steel pipe below grade, as it will eventually rust out, leading to MAJOR problems (such as blowing up your home). Use a Polyethylene (PE) pipe for all underground piping if copper is not approved.

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