Do I still have to pay child support if my 17 year old son is working a full time job and not going to school anymore

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    but he is 19 years old and got his own apt he lives with his girlfriend and getting married and they both work and go to i still have to pay child support.
    Yes, you do. He's earning his own money but you're still responsible for him until he's 18 years old unless ordered differently in the divorce papers.

    Make that custody/support papers, whoops.
    You should be able to apply to the court for a cessation of payments on the grounds your son is self sufficient or talk to him and ask for his agreement. If he does agree get it in writing and witnessed by a solicitor. You could tell your son that if he loses his job before he is 18 you will be only too happy to restart the payments.

    What if the son is working and saving his money and not supporting himself with it? What if his mom is still supporting him? That makes dad still responsible. If the law allowed for parents to just quit paying because a kid got a job, then I bet there would be a lot of fathers out there getting their kids full time jobs.
    Well, you still have to pay for one more yesr, your son is still a underaged untill 18, thats how law looks at it, sorry man!!!
    It depends on what was court ordered in custody/child support agreement when you divorced.
    well yes you do! you have to pay the back pay even if the child is 30 years old!I know of a case in ky. where this one guy is still paying his x-wife for his kid's,because she had gotten paid by the state of ky. and so he is paying back the state of ky. for what they had paid her.I think it's called ereareages or something like that.these kids are married and have kids.

    This was not helpful at all.

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