if a guy says that he needs a two week break from a relation ship does that mean he really wants to break up for good

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    I tried this with my first wife, and she cried and talked me out of it. We married had 4 kids then she left me with the kids. I knew my wanting to think things out was a good idea.
    Let him go if he don't come back you are better off.
    You have about a 50/50 chance. If he has been really honest with you in the past it may be he needs some time alone to clear his head and figure out how he feels.

    We men aren't always in touch with our feelings, sometimes it takes us a while just to figure how we feel about something or someone.

    I have used that in the past to try to break it off with ex girlfriends before. It's sometimes a way to let a person down easy. Just give him the time that he needs and after have a nice talk with him. When you talk assure him that it will be much easier on the both of you if you're just honest with each other.

    Tell him you can handle the truth...Good luck, hope it works out the way you want it to.
    Perhaps he just wants to be by himself for a couple weeks to sort things out in his mind. As I don't know the person myself it's pretty hard to answer this one
    yep, he does

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