Do You Think People Who Live With Little To No Religion Live And Think More Realistically?

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    As many of us know, it's not necessarily a problem with people who are living as Christians and who show the good in their lives, it's more a problem of the people who claim to be religious and show hate and evil in their lives.

    There are people who are very judgmental and hateful, that aren't showing the true traits of what Christianity teaches. Maybe they are led astray by bad cults or religious leaders, but whatever the case, it looks bad on the group as a whole.

    Just remember that we all are human and make mistakes, and extremism is usually what causes religions to look bad. There are a lot a good people out there religious and not.
    perhaps in a differant world, i'm content with my "reality"
    More Realistically, in what way? They sure don't realize there is a God.
    Realistically as in, believe in what you see not what you read/hear.

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