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    Medical Photographer

    Medical photographers, also known as biomedical photographers, are those rare individuals who have both a demonstrated artistic ability and a detailed knowledge of scientific processes. They use their skills and abilities to document scientific information that relates to biology, chemistry, medicine, and other health-related subjects. These photographic representations of medical and biological subjects are sometimes used in textbooks, pamphlets, exhibits, instructional films, civil/criminal legal procedures, and teaching models. They may also document surgical procedures, record a patient's medical progress over a period of time, or photograph an autopsy. A major function of the medical photographer is to assist in education and research. They make prints of charts and graphs, digitize images, use photomicrography to allow microscopic objects appear in full detail, and process photographs of many different anatomical areas in an effort to increase understanding of the human body and the diseases that affect it. Medical photographers are increasingly using technology to help them perform their duties. They use the most up-to-date computers and photographic design software, such as Photo Shop, to clarify a variety of complicated medical concepts and processes. An individual interested in this line of work should be detail oriented and also be creative enough to communicate their ideas visually.
    Work Environment: Medical photographers may be employed in medical schools, hospitals, research organizations, publishing companies, advertising agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, or health organizations. Many medical photographers are free-lance artists that contract out for their services, but some are employed in part-time and full-time positions.
    High School Preparation:
    Students interested in a career as a medical photographer should take high school courses in art, biology, chemistry, algebra, photography, drawing and design, English, history, graphic arts, printing, health occupations/medical professions education, and computer illustration.
    College Requirements:
    Individuals interested in medical photography must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Graduation from an associate or bachelor's degree program, with a great deal of photography experience, is necessary to become a medical photographer. Certification is offered by the BioCommunications Association's Board of Registry in order to become a Registered Biological Photographer (R.B.P.). After all educational requirements are met, an individual must pass written, practical, and oral examinations in order to become a R.B.P. Students interested in medical photography should contact schools for information on admission and course of study.For educational institutions in Mississippi offering this course of study click here.

    Career Outlook:
    Medical photography is a relatively small and competitive field. Employment opportunities for photographers are expected to grow about as fast as all other professions. There is a projected growth of between 10% and 25% in this job market through the year 2010. Medical photographers will continue to be utilized in the educational field. As technology changes the way we educate our students, photographer will be needed to produce state-of-the are computer representations of biological processes in order to help teachers stay on the cutting edge. Anyone who enjoys science and is an exceptional artist should consider a career in medical photography.


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