What can I use to strip laquer off of furniture but not ruin the veneer or the glue?

    I am trying to finish a piece of furniture that has a thin veneer top. I don't want to ruin the top but need to get the laquer off the top. What can I use?

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    Use a paint stripper but don`t scrape off too brutaly, best too use more stripper. This is to be sure you do not gouge a line in the veneer. Allow the furniture to dry completely then you can sand use 400 grit followed by 800 grit paper. When sanding it is best too use a sanding block on the flat surfaces. Sanding block is a cork or rubber block about 4" X 2"X 1". Avoid using a electric sander unless you are skilled at using same.Patience is the name of the game.
    I've used a lot of strippers and the best I've found is called lighting strip. use gloves its very hard on the skin but is works great stripping old paint, laquer off. And follow PEOPLELOVER'S advice from there on.

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