What is a good home made ice cold fruity drink for summer. It's hot as heck here!

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    Hi, Daisy Gray Armstrong, this is my favorite summer fruity drink.

    8 oz yogurt  (and I like to add a little frozen yogurt or ice cream, too)
    cup of ice cubes
    strawberries  6-7
    banana  1 small 
    peach  1 (I don't even peel it)
    blueberries  1/4 cup
    milk (I use almond milk...less expensive here)  just to get the blender going
    Blend until thick and creamy.  YUM
    (You can use any combo of fruits you like.  Fresh or frozen)


    That sounded wonderful! I have to print that one out! It was 115F yesterday, I don't know about today. It was awful. This sounds fun to make too.
    Thank You!!!

    I can't imagine what you are going through in that heat. Sounds like spending the day in the public library would be a good idea.

    4 days and counting.Nightmare.I thought my lungs were cooking when I took a breath of air.

    That kind of heat is oppressive. I have my little oscillating fan in my face tonight. Muggy. Take care of the two of you!

    All I think about is ICE, moving NORTH! Greenland, Iceland, Canada! I want snow, I haven't seen snow in years. I would like to wear a coat in winter. I would like to hit my son with a snow ball and build a snow man. I am so sick of sweat, and if you stop sweating call 911! We have air, but it can't handle this temp.Take a cold shower, you are sweating trying to dry off. Don't bother, just go wet. The fans blow hot steamy air on you. I pray this is my last summer in the south. Thank You Bob!

    Sweet Daisy, you and your son are going to go wherever you want in about a year. Your book will be a bestseller and so will the second and third. Hang in there; I don't know anyone more resilient than you.

    Thank You! If I am your way doing a book signing, (I'm dreaming again!) I'll visit!

    I'll be the first one in line! (going to bed early for a change; talk to you later)

    This is one of my favorites.


    That sounds great and it's loaded with vitamin C, anti oxidants and more. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. It's nice to have choices. I have been stuck with coffee, sweet tea, water and diet mountain Dew. I need a change.I drank OJ till my stomach can't handle it anymore. I needed something new, Bob had a good one too. This one I can make quickly and keep on hand. I live in farm country. Loads of cucumbers.
    Thank You!

    I like really quick and easy drinks when I'm hot and thirsty, fresh lemon juice and soda water (or lemonade if it's too bitter) I also like 50/50 orange juice and soda water (preferably fresh orange juice.


    I never tried the soda water.

    " (Wonder Collins) pisco capel premium !  oh yeh ! tell you what ! " (Phoenix,AZ.) Valley Of The Sun."


    oh NO! Not me, never, no way, no how, not Phoenix!! Hell No! That's hotter!

    "I was born and bred in (Phoenix,AZ.) you get use to the heat,its what we call a dry heat." We have all the four seasons in (AZ).If we need to cool off some we ride up to the high country for cooler temp's."Then theirs some-thin that we like to call central air conditioning in our homes,automobiles,stores,offices guess ya could say we've got it made in the shade."

    I could not live anywhere where it so hot. I just use sparkling water , mixed with blueberry syrup, or strawberry syrup, just to give it some taste. 


    I should have thought of that! I have been using lime and lemon water.

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