When your partner or loved one is at home, Do you stay on your computer?

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    Damm skippy I do in fact she'll e-mail me from her laptop if she needs something..crazy huh ?


    Hilarious, daren. : D

    not crazy,I have been known to call our home phone from my mobile when I would like a coffee in bed!!

    These days I work from home....on the computer,so,yes I am on the computer a lot whe wifey is here.

    Of course, it's a good hideaway....But it's hard to tend to his needs and stay on the computer at the same time...He's just a housemate.....

    No usually, but occationally I have stayed on the computer an extra hour.

    1/5th of the time, yes.


    It's no diferent than being on the phone.

    Not all the time , when my partner has work I may get on the computer when she is or when she is at work, but generally I try not to because we do not listen to each other and then 3 days later I say I have to do this thing and she will say " when did you tell me that ?"...


    when I'm working (off on s/l) we are like ships in the night, he only does day work and I do a lot of 1500-2300, or nightshift,so we communicate a lot on the computer

    Unless, I'm sleeping, YES!!!


    mm mm mm.

    I am single and feel that when I do have a partner, a lot less time will be spent at the computer. Don, you are sporadic here. How do you answer this question?  Do you skip the computer when your #1 is around?


    Yes I do, because I think it is rude like being on the cell phone, which I am not. I've never been called sporadic before. I'll have to look that one up.

    Sporadic isn't a bad thing here. It just means you are here and then you aren't. It's not like you have a set schedule of being here every day. You take a break and then you are back.

    OK, Yes you are right. Sometimes , no, a lot of times I don't have the answers for thses questions. Like how far from here to there or where is the fuel pump on a 1999 Ford Focous or how to delete Q&A from my toolbar. And when my girl is home I don't like being on the laptop.

    I like trying to find the answers when I can, but, for sure, if someone else were home, I would be doing something else. Happy 4th, by the way.

    Happy, happy, happy, to you always!

    We both spend time on the computer. I’ll suggest the e-mail idea that daren and his honey do.


    @Its...and who says romance is dead?????!!LOL!!

    No..she`s in when she`s here...the computer goes out the window!!LOL:-)


    Good for you! Now that is being considerate, or does she throw it out? :D:D

    Romance is alive in the home of Millie. <3 <3
    millie111`s probably why my compu has 99.9% given up on me!:-).....@its..:-)

    You betcha, though I know it drives him nuts sometimes, however there has been a sudden interest in AKA recently, so I might just get on here when he's not hanging over my shoulder, he even has expressed an interest in joining.............not happening,he can find his own thing!


    I don’t want my guy joining. There’s no reason why exactly ... it would just kinda stifle me. He’d correct my punctuation and what’s worse he might correct my ideas.

    My reason also itsmee,though he would be good at the trivia questions, he has a head full of trivia!!!

    No  not all the time  just 75% of the time  LOL  its ok  she  is on her's   same as me  LOL


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