how do u train puppy not to pee in house

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    positive reinforcement, make sure puppy is taken outside very regularly and give lots of praise and a treat, as mentioned use paper or something to protect floor coverings for mishaps that are bound to happen,after all it's only a furry baby and when the accidents happen just clean it up and ignore, I don't believe punishment achieves anything



    use news paper then gradually get the news paper towards the door and then eventually the dog will go out side or you can use the other method of when your dog has had a drink  take out side within 30 mins and let stay out there untill it has peed etc . you can buy sprays that also prevents dogs peeing in doors as they wont like the sent,there is the fact of rubbing his /her nose in to the wee and say no no bad boy or girl but when the dog does wee out side give it a treat so event uslly he will think i m getting treat but when he does the sam ething indoors i dont .

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