Apparently, the jerk who asked "How do i guy masterbate" removed the question.

    I responded that he/she should rub up against an English dictionary, thereby "killing two birds with one stone." For one, he/she would get his or her jollies, and two, might learn spelling and grammar at the same time. I also stated that I couldn't give a more elaborate answer, because my "hands were full", "if you get my drift!" Perhaps my advice was taken, and if so, I'd like to know what happened. Was the dictionary torn to shreds? Did your skin come off,...? I'd like  "Master Bates" to please respond. Thank you!

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    1 Answer

    I removed him. Please do not do this once a user and his question has been removed from the forum. Members can not remove their own questions. The moderators handle the "problem" users. He was posting garbage in other questions. Because of this, I removed him. 

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