the importance of an accesible complaints procedure for reducing elderly abuse


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    Yes the way they are treated is CRAP My mother has been in a Home since 42years age due to accident.I fully rehabilitated my mother as its brain injury,although after 28years now mum is fully 100percent with it*cant out smart her lol*I had NO CHOICE But to explain her RIGHTS to her& made her strong to standup for her rights(even though she is paralysed)
    The nurses D.O.N all of them that work there are LIARS, Thieves,dont care about the patients*I never see a nurse talking to a patient gggrrrrr
    Ring AGED CARE RIGHTS they can lead anyone the correct direction & take action 1800424079 BUT Even then thats NOT GOOD ENOUGH and I cant get AAfairs as ALL THE NURSES LIE FOR EACHOTHER,just like Drs
    If anyone needs LABELS for their loved one in a N/Home In Aussie only ""Cashes $44 for 70 Labels 0295670071""

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    Abuse of any human is unacceptable whether the abused person is young or elderly. If you are in the UK the CQC (Care Quality Commission) is the body which licenses and inspects care homes for the elderly so if you have doubts about the care of someone you should contact them. Sadly the efficiency of the CQC has been called into doubt recently so you need to make your own checks.

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