what are irregular verbs

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    Look on here

    "At first glance irregular verbs would seem to have no reason to live. Why should language have forms that are just cussed exceptions to a rule? . . .

    "Irregular forms are just words. If our language faculty has a knack for memorizing words, it should have no inhibitions about memorizing past-tense forms at the same time. These are the verbs we call irregular, and they are a mere 180 additions to a mental lexicon that already numbers in the tens or hundreds of thousands."
    (Steven Pinker, Words and Rules. Basic, 1999)

    "A boy who swims may say he swum,
    But milk is skimmed and seldom skum,
    And nails you trim; they are not trum.

    "When words you speak, these words are spoken,
    But a nose is tweaked and can't be twoken.
    And what you seek is seldom soken.

    "If we forget, then we've forgotten,
    But things we wet are never wotten,
    And houses let cannot be lotten.

    "The things one sells are always sold,
    But fog dispelled are not dispold,
    And what you smell is never smold.

    "When young, a top you oft saw spun,
    But did you see a grin ever grun,
    Or a potato neatly skun?"
    (anonymous, "Verbs Is Funny")

    Pronunciation: i-REG-u-lur verb

    Also Known As: strong verbs

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    List of Irregular Verbs
    Awake, awoke, awoken.
    Arise, arose, arising, arisen.
    Be, was, were, being, been.
    Bear, bore, bearing, borne.
    Begin, began, beginning, begun.
    Bend, bent, bent.
    Blow, blew, blow.
    Break, broke, breaking, broken.
    Bring, brought, bringing
    Build, built
    Buy, bought, buying
    Catch, caught
    Choose, chose, choosing, chosen.
    Come, came, coming
    Cost, cost, costing
    Cut, cut, cutting
    Do, did, doing, done.
    Draw, drew, drawing, drawn.
    Drink, drank, drinking, drunk.
    Drive, drove, driving, driven.
    Eat, ate, eating, eaten.
    Fall, fell, falling, fallen.
    Feel, felt, feeling
    Fight, fought, fighting
    Find, found, finding
    Fly, flew, flying, flown.
    Forget, forgot, forgotten.
    Forgive, forgave, forgiven.
    Get, got, getting, gotten.
    Give, gave, giving, given.
    Go, went, going, gone.
    Grow, grew, growing, grown.
    Have, had, having
    Hear, heard, hearing
    Hide, hid, hiding, hidden
    Hold, held
    Hit, hit, hitting
    Hold, held, holding
    Keep, kept, keeping
    Know, knew, knowing, known.
    Lay, laid
    Lead, led
    Leave, left, leaving
    Lend, lent, lending
    Let, let, letting
    Lie, lay, lying, lain.
    Lose, lost, losing
    Make, made, making
    Mean, meant
    Meet, met, meeting
    Pay, paid
    Put, putting
    Read, reading
    Rend, rent, rending
    Ride, rode, riding, ridden.
    Ring, rung or rang, ringing, rung.
    Rise, rose, rising, risen.
    Run, ran, running, run.
    Say, said, saying
    See, saw, seeing, seen.
    Seek, sought, seeking
    Sell, sold, selling
    Send, sent, sending
    Set, set, setting
    Shake, shook
    Shine, shone
    Shoot, shot, shooting
    Show, showed, shown.
    Sing, sang, singing, sung.
    Sit, sat, sitting
    Sleep, slept
    Speak, spoke, speaking, spoken.
    Spend, spent, spending
    Stand, stood, standing
    Steal, stole, stealing, stolen.
    Strike, struck, striking
    Swim, swam, swimming, swum.
    Take, took, taking, taken.
    Teach, taught, teaching
    Tear, tore, tearing, torn.
    Tell, told, telling
    Think, thought, thinking
    Throw, threw, thrown.
    Wake, woke, woken.
    Wear, wore, wearing, worn.
    Win, won, winning
    Write, wrote, writing, written.
    List of Irregular Verbs

    Examples Help - Understanding the Different Irregular Verbs!

    Understanding the different types of Irregular verbs is a basic requirement of the English language. I hope the above information and list of irregular verbs will be of some assistance.

    Milk of Magnesia. Not verbs, but nonetheless, irregular.

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