If you could wish for a old car what would it be.

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    I would like to have my old 1954 Studebaker back, with my 350 Chevy eng. with the works. Car would do 100MPH in 2nd gear.


    Don't call my Stud a nerd car..........


    That's a nerd car
    Headless Man

    Don't call my Stud a nerd

    Whoa Nellie! Slow Down...
    1965 Shelby Mustang

    The man said a car not a rocket

    ooooo yeah, Babe

    i know jenn, i know.

    I've got a 24 model T Ford I would just like to have the dang thing back together again.  And Yes its original .


    My dad had one like that when he was 19 !! His aunt bought it for him new ! He had a lot of fun with it. He drove it all the way from the Detroit area to Lansing , Mich. and back-- on dirt and gravel roads.

    1970 Plymouth GTX, 440 cubes, pistol grip 4 speed, 780 Holley, built to the max. I used to have one and sold it like a dumb ass. A beautiful dark blue with white stripes. Man I miss that car.


    sounds like va va Vroom car Wow :)

    Zoooooom zoom zoom...

    It was FAST ladies, I used to drag race sometimes and it would fly !!! I really miss that car.

    Do you think 1970 Plymouth GTX may still be out there for sale?

    Wish I woundn't have sold my 70 Nova. It was fast and had stripes and spoked wheel covers. My dad made me sell it b/c I was living at home at the time >:-(

    Hi Pamela, what's up my friend ? Oh yes it's some 70 GTX's out there for sale, but most of them are VERY expensive !!!

    Mycatsmom, that 70 Nova is a CLASSIC, it would be worth a LOT of money today. My bro-in-law has a 1969 Nova, same body style, you should see his, it's beautiful.

    1969 Dodge Charger, definitely

    I'm crazy about Corvettes, no matter what year. Yes! I can see a 1973 Corvette among the rest of my fleet of cars. LoL

    Oh Pamela Thats my favorite American car I drove one once while living in the States i really think its a Womans car and of course I like the chevy pickup LOL

    It's a nice smooth ride, especially on the freeway. :-)

    ah there are so many I like the Aston Martin DB6 and any Corvette and 4 wheel drives Trucks


    Aston Martins - BRILL!

    Thanks Maz I think so To LOL

    wish I could still see the car my dad had when I was little ( This gives away my age )  When I was about 7, he got a '56 pink Buick !  It had wide, white- wall tires,  with racing seats that were black and white with the ceiling  being white with like a pin prick type black  holes---or vice versa.  It had a '' dyna-flow engine'', which means it had great exceleration if you wanted to pass someone on the highway .

    1959 DeSoto.....big enough to fit two amorous guys and you, 1967, in it.  I know what they'd like to do to you.


    kick him to the curve. lol!

    two amorous guys ?
    Any of the mid 1930s sports. Jaguar ss, Mercedes 320 Coupe`. They had real class and no plastic.

    Now here is someone how likes good cars.

    Thanks Hemoslider, you are correcy I do like "class" cars. I have a model of the Jag SS on my desk and a large framed print of the Mercedes 320 over my bed. The Merc is in black guards and bonnet top plus hood with dark mauroon sides. The picture is four ft by two ft. A real drool machine.

    Saw a real live Jag SS a week ago on local road.

    Another car I like is the 1957/58 chevy sedan. First of the Bel Aires.
    '66 or '67 Mustang convertible....boy, those were the days! The old Corvettes were real, real awesome also!
    Cool Rockies

    Had a '65 mustang fastback. Loved it. Sold it bought a work truck. Regreted do it the day after I did it. Also had '46 Willys Jeep great off road toy.

    triumph herald

    terryfossil 1

    I had one of those.except when i had mine it was not real old,,,1968
    I have forever been in love with a1964 Chevy Impala Baby Blue with snow white interior, White drop top, checkerboard wheel covers and blue fender skirts, don't care about the engine just want to sit in it, in my leather jacket and jeans listening to the 50's station and remember

    that's similar to what I said about my aunt's 1965 Buick Wildcat Convertible. Light blue on top----white body. :-) Those were the days!

    Bruce Willis cab in “The Fifth Element"

    blue 1955 plymouth

    Jenson Interceptor FF.

    An 1932 ford coup with 427 hemi sky blue.  ooooyaaaa


    Hemo when I was young and silly, now I am old but still silly, we used the `32 Ford coupe as stock cars on a quarter mile circuit. But we kept the old flat top motot.
    1969 Chevy Chevelle SS ... *drool*

    My bro had a '68 Chevelle. Did you know there are Chevelle clubs all around the country? . . . just like there are Mustang Clubs and Comaro and Trans Am clubs.
    Peugeot 205 gti 1.9 liter
    i would love to have an austin allegro,a real cool car!it even has a square steering wheel.
    69 roadrunner

    That's what came to mind also. A dark blue exterior with a black interior with a four on the floor. Beautiful cars!

    "Excellent choice." Ma'am!

    A friend had one fractory built four speed harst shifter hunter green with mags ooo my god did this move. Thanks for the memory.

    I loved the Toronado too----from 1965, up to about 1974. That was an experimental car, too,by GM. It was the first car to have 6 way tilt electric seats, among other unheard of options, like tilt wheel.

          And, would like to have a 1964 Mustang------ the year they came out.

    1971 all the way up to 1977 chevy Monti Carlo.........

    1962 through 1969 Chevy Impala

    Yup. Brings back good memories of my dad's '62 Chevy Imapala. It was real light beige or bone colored with a med. brown fake convertible top :-)

    I think it was a 78 Red Baracuda with white interior.

    1967 GT KR 500 Shelby Convertible.  427 2 four barrel carbs,  Had a chance to buy one in high school in for 25,000 dollars. But who had money back then. Instead bought 66 mustang 289 with 2 four barrel carbs , all stock made by ford. Built  by ford for trans am racing .  Oh yes , my old 1970 Chevelle SS 396.

    somebody elses


    1964 pontiac gto....or 1964 chevy elcamino....

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