Can you help itsmee?

    My daughter is 33. We have no bad feelings between us. She usually calls me once a day. So ....

    Why haven't I heard a word about Mother's Day??  I know you can't say. Can you guess? I don't have a clue and neither does her dad.   :  (

    This has been the weirdest Mother's Day ever. I wish it was tomorrow. 

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    Call her please!

    I am glad that nothing bad happened to her. My belated happy mother's day to you!

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    Itsmee. My mother and I have always had a rocky relationship. Mothers Day is honestly one of the most dreaded days of the year for me because I feel I must pretend everything is okay between us when it's not. I went to see my mom  today for Mothers Day  to make HER happy, not me. I smiled through the pain and resentment I feel just to make her happy because I know she thinks she deserves my admiration and respect. It's draining and frustrating to say the very least, to pretend I'm happy with my mother when the feelings I have for her are quite opposite. I will eventually come around to forgiving her once again for the pain and anguish she has caused me all my life. So please don't expect that just because it's Mothers Day that you are owed something. I 'm sure you're a great mother and when the time is right ,she'll  show you just how much she loves you.

    Itsmee, I'm not saying you've done anything wrong or that you're a bad mom. It's just that Mothers Day is not  what  it's all cracked up to be.


    I feel your pain. I'm sorry for your relationship, but sweetie at least you are trying! Love to you from a mother!
    country bumpkin

    Thanks Clu. I'm not meaning to take away from Itsmee question though. I'm only wanting to help her understand.

    I know

    I understand. I guess I like my traditions. Thanks.

    Bite the bullet and call her... "What the heck... It's Mothers' day and I am grand... Have you been sleeping?  Are you OK?  Yes?... then load me up with compliments!!!"

    I actually did this to my daughter one year... we are still laughing.  She is exploring far off countries right now and so this year she sent me her hand made (by her ten little fingers) present before she stepped foot on the plane.

    By the way Sunshine...Happy Mothers' Day!

    xo Fishlet


    There is some kind of problem. Since I don't like the problem what ever it is, I will not ask for further information.

    I had been going through every way to say or not say stuff. This has been going on all-the-live-long day.

    Your method was #2 on the list. Whoooo nose?

    I put this in the wrong year. Wow! did I mess up. : D

    Mothers day is a busy time for marrried daughters Itsmee.Our daughter has her mother in law & her hussbands (2) Grandmothers to visit as well as her own mother & grandmother.If you haven't heard from her by now I'm sure you will soon.As Daren said,she's saving the best 'til last.Happy mothers day Itsmee,you're the best.

    It is only 1:31 pm. I am sure you will get a call or a visit.soon. Maybe her husband took her out for lunch. Calm down, everthing will turn out OK.


    ok. ok. You're right. I am going to go to my laptop and watch Desperate Housewives. I am watching it from the very first show. In my lap it feels like a magic book. Talking, moving characters. Oh wow!

    I am sure you are getting the long-awaited call.I did not hear from my daughter in Wash. State until 2 hrs ago and is 4;50 right now..

    I'm sure she will call soon. 2 of my daughters were just here. The third despises me and has for several years now. This is a loss for her and me!


    That is sad, I hope you had a great day anyway!

    I did! It was an awesome day! My Mom is still living at 86 and that is great! Our family is dysfunctional but I take the love where it is! Happy Mom's day to you Ann!

    I hope for you nothing realy bad happened to her... Why don't you call just to say hello?

    KOTF and his fleamily are on the way with good wishes for Mothers Day itsmee!

    I'm sure your daughter is right behind!

    Keep the pets in view please.

    Like fine wine she is saving the best for last....NO worries I'm sure she won't forget her mom..

    hopefully you've heard by now, did she call you ?

    I didn't watch any tv show. I sat down and totally conked out for a long time. (This is what I do when I'm under stress) When I woke up I went to my old desk top computer and looked at my first message, valR said, "Call her please."

    That's exactly what I did. She sounded real funny when she picked up her cell. Anyway, she was in Bakersfield eating at a Denny-type restaurant with her husband and three kids. She was embarassed and said, "We'll celebrate next week. I have a little present for you."

    I said, "I want a BIG present." She laughed and we hung up. I am no longer worrying. I definitely think there is a problem but the problem is not with me. She and I clear up misunderstandings frequently. The reason to call in my case was-- There could have been a problem. I was thinking of something dreadful. Something that she would need me and her dad to help with.

    I think we should forget our pride and call the people we love when the time is right. Our pride should not keep up from making what could be a life-saving call. 



    Bless your heart itsmee! You are a sweetie! I'm happy for you!

    All`s well that ends well!!:-)...Am so glad you called!...Problem solved!;-)....BELATED Happy MOTHER`S day!!:-)

    I think they should do away with a lot of the holidays that are to make money and remind us of things we should do more than just once a year, like Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day.


    I wrote mine before I saw yours. gmta, eh?

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