can an employer say, even jokingly, to another employee, that he can smell the valet, who does not have body order

    Can an owner/employer speak out loud to another manager that he can smell the valet when in fact this is not true. He thought it was funny, but the valet didn't. What recourse does the valet have

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    What a problem!  That employer is a bully and people like that make Hell on earth for others. I don’t think there’s any recourse. It would be a “he said, he said” type of thing and like Jack said the Valet might have smelled like Peaches. The best thing the Valet can do is forget the comment, never forget hygiene and quit if the employer’s behavior continues on in that evil way.

    The Valet might talk to the other employee. That would be seeking support.  I wish the Valet good luck on this.

    Do you have a HR department? This is harassment. I would talk to human resources about it!


    Good answer, clu! I never had an HR department. I've just heard of them.

    Thank you!

    How do you know the person meant the employee smelled badly?  Some people use an inordinate amount of perfume or aftershave lotion.

    I had a female employee who always smelled like a peach, you could tell when she was nearby.

    Other woman ever referred to her a "Peachy"


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