Why should I drink more water?

    My doctor’s assistant called me yesterday. She said there was something wrong with my blood panel. There’s something wrong with my kidneys and I should drink more water, she said.  I already drink BUCKETS of water every day.I think if I have a kidney problem I should be seen by the doctor not just told over the phone that I should drink more water.

    What do you think?

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    I think you should see your doctor or a new one. That's a lot of water to drink!


    I was kinda joking when I said that I drink buckets ... I just drink a lot. : )

    See your Doctor .you could have "Kidney stones ? I f you feel pain in your lower need an xray to prove if you have Kidney problems. good luck .



    I have heard that Kidney Stones hurt as much as a lighted cigarette held against your skin. I don’t have that kind of pain. I hope I never do!

    No In man its like having a "Baby! Well my Doctor told When I had a stone problem got pethidine injections took about half an hour to ease the pain.that was about eight years ago. "OH I had "TWINS" OUCH !!

    I have a brother and sister inlaw that do not drink any water. They get up around 11:30am and have a pre-breakfast, doughnuts & coffee to start and then at some point have breakfast. And that women can cook, I'm tellin' you. I drink cold water all day. Ice cold bottled water. About 15 cents a bottle.


    In my wildest dreams I cannot imagine eating a donut for breakfast. I’d like to but I just don’t.
    Water is easier to get down if it’s not cold -- at least it is for me.

    Get a SECOND opinion, preferable from a Urologist. WBMS



    I think so. Jack Large. I haven’t started really studying kidney problems. Tomorrow I research.

    Great question. I don't know. Everybody should drink a lot of water but, it sounds as if you do. See another doctor and ask him or ask the original what they are talking about.......


    Yes, Julie. I needed a push. Thank You.

    Yes .See DOC. DOOLITTLE He cant be any worse ?

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