how to make my theft deterrent let my 98 monte carlo start

    i have a 98 monte carlo 3.8 i jst replaced my engine after it blowed a piston so i got a nother engine for my car same type of engine and got it running it run great for that first day and i turn it off and on multiple times during that first day the next day i went to start it and no crank all panel lights work but no crank securyti light flashes at one time per second and does not stop i came to find out it was my theft deterrent so i did som relearn procedures and now my stereo doesnt light up but it works and all my stations still saved and still no crank any ideas i would really apriciate any info that can get my car running agin thatk you for your time

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    Call a car alarm store that sells your brand car alarm. They can give you the way to reset the alarm on your car. 

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