Married, single, living in sin?

    WE are all born in sin. I don't know what that means

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    Well I'm not married or single! So according to you I'm living in sin! LOL


    Good choice!

    If I had a girlfriend, I'd have no choice but to live in sin because the religious minded folk say homosexuals can't be married. They force us to live in sin. Jesus never said homosexuality is a sin, it's not listed in the 10 commandments as a no-no, so that leads me to believe the sexuality is not a sin but still we are forced to live in sin according to the religious people because we are not married. And so it goes.

    BUT, I do not believe in sin as that's a Christian thing and I'm not Christian so the actual answer is single but if I were living with a woman, I'd still not be sinning :)

    How's that for an answer? It beats Doolittle's anyway, lol


    Thank you for your answer. You are so smart. You make me a better man. I like my eyes to be opened and you are not the first. I was raised with little education. My first education was with a couple of students form Anarbor,Mich.and they taught me better.

    LOL, I was just having fun showing what a circle it all is. Round and round and round we go. This is why nothing gets accomplished. There's always clogs in the wheel....or is that clods? ;)

    Colleen, I'm serious!

    @ Colleen :)

    Don, we all sin whether married or single.   (these are the types of answers that bug Colleen 'cause I don't really ans. the Q)  


    P.S. you never gave us the answer to the 'better than sex' riddle.

    No? you scared? Me too!

    No. Not scared.

    Well I sure am scarred !

    ..anybody seen my glasses? LOL



    Was it a toad truck?

    LMAO! You always find the cutest, funniest pictures to post! :)

    John 8:..7..Least he without sin cast the first stone...

    I live with two dogs, a cat, a housemate................




    We are all born into sin because of the original sin but all is forgiven by the death of christ on the cross, if you just accept him and you are forgiven......


    Quit preaching and speak for yourself. Jesus is not God to everyone. Just answer the question. Are you married? Single? Or living in sin, which the person with common sense understands as living with a sexual partner without being married.

    Headless…please stop. That is what produced all the wars this world has known. Our culture has sent millions to their sacrificial graves for that already.

    I understand.

    Don't be so dull. We are not born into sin. You make God out to be a fool.
    Headless Man

    The cartoon can be true if his repentance was sincere as yours and mine can be.....
    I am answering the question....... "WE are all born in sin. I don't know what that means"

    He edited and added that part. So I'll take back the "quit preaching".

    Headless Man

    It was there when I made the comment, thanks for taking it back.....

    " If y'all ain't commit-tin any sins y'all probably ain't having to much fun." ;)



    Very cool!

    Sometimes we married to sins 


    or rather born into sin..



    Does that mean what I think it means? Are you in a mood today? Good morning to you!

    lol No, no, no. White Divorced Female
    Yikes. Good morning to you! :D

    I looked it up and it is a common abbreviation for "what da f" so I was wondering if you were having a bad day. :D

    OH, no. It's a great day. I'm going to unemployment office in 90 minutes. :D
    As for the WDF, I use "WTF". articulate. enunciate.
    I had SWF (Single white female), but I am divorced. I guess it should DWF?????



    Married AND single AND living in sin!

    We all live together.  This is our refrigerator door.


    ROFLMAO!!! Too funny, Ducks! :)

    Sin started in the garden of Eden when Eve ate the apple. God told her she would die if she did so, but the snake said she would not; and it turned out Eve did not die. So God lied and the Snake told the truth. I know who I trust.


    Sorry, Eve did die otherwise she would have had enternal life and the world would have been free of sin. God did not say she would die immediatly.

    Let me guess, erh, the snake!

    Some people will believe anything.
    Yes eggy my trust is in the Snake.

    Soul is eternal Francy, it never ends. Eve still has eternal life, just like we all do. Another big fat lie fed to you by your religion. Man has lost nothing because of that fictitious story about and fruit and a talking snake........TALKING SNAKE! DO YOU PEOPLE HEAR THOSE WORDS?? T A L K I N G S N A K E for Pete's sake!

    Could you imagine if Soul never left this earth? Where the heck would you put all the people Francy? THINK!

    Not only talking but having other means of locomotion until Eve ate the apple. Some have suggested that prior to the Fall it walked on the tip of its tail.

    Genesis 3:14-15
    "And the Lord God said unto the serpent. Because thou hast done this ( Told Eve she could eat the apple) thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the fields; upon thy belly thou shalt go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, and thou shalt bruise his heel."
    Seems a severe punishment to a creature God had only created a short time previously for something the snake had no idea was an offence.

    Adam was never the transgressor, according to the Christians. Womem have been supressed ever since this myth was created in men's minds. Horsefeathers!

    yes yes and yes




    Wise guy. :D

    Um....yep!  :)  I'll take one of each but can you guarantee they are fresh?

    To the Gay guy....Read Leviticus, Chaper 20, verse 13.


    Remember Christ died for our sins, see you in Heaven.


    To Francy. I'm a lesbian, not the gay guy. I would have thought the name Colleen would give away what sex I am. You are only like the 500th person to tell me to read Leviticus. Yawn. Read it and yawn again. I do not believe in the bible. That's your koolaid, not mine.

    1. I'm not a Christian so it does not apply to me. Sin doesn't apply to me either because sin is only for the Christians. They sin. We regular folk do not.

    2. Preaching is not allowed here.

    3. Pushing your religion onto another is not allowed here

    4. I've been to heaven and stood in God's light, have you?

    5. Jesus died to become a martyr, that's it. Your sins are still your own. See you in your next lifetime :)

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