my x has taken my children on holiday and says if i dont get them then i wont see them till monday.

    i have signed my parental rights over to her about 3 years ago and now she is basically laying the law down.

    since we split i see my kids mon - thurs approx 2 hours. fri to sun.

    help please.

    kind regards gordon richardson

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    So what. Pick them up on Monday. A slight inconvenience to spend time with your kids.

    children need adults, you both may have to try it, works sometimes, do what is in their interest and leave your own agenda in court if you are unable to be flexible or civil, these are little people you both brought into this world,try and make their childhood full of good memories,not squabbling and bitterness

    ed shank

    This nonsense between the parents is so common. We than wonder why each generation becomes more callous. I saw my parents slug it out in court. It does something to you. Something not good.

    Wise and true!Thankyou Lambie!!!Thankyou!:)

    Any wonder she is laying the law down, you signed your kids over, it is good of her to even let you see them.

    I don't understand why this is a problem for you.  Do you give your ex a hard time, at every opportunity? will be better for all concerned.  

    Well, What does it say on your court issued  custody agreement ? She has to abide by that.

     I knew a Gordy Richardson in Jr. High and H.S. but his kids would be in their 30s now.

    Mycatsmom is right...your court order should work for both of you and if it doesn't you may want to speak with your lawyer about your concerns.There are also advocacy groups you can access for support from folks in your situation.Peace and luck!

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