I have a new iphone i just download navigation to my computer how do i download it to my phone

    I have an iphone just download navigation on my computer how do i down load to my phone

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    I usually give more precise advice as I have an iPhone and a very thick book to go with it... $14.95.

    However, each situation is different and I don't (try as I may) have the entire thing figured out.

    Have you established your i-tunes?

    Have you established your i-Cloud?

    This connects your computer to your phone. 

    Take your question and type it into the Google Tool bar and click on search.  This will take you to all sorts of sites ... even You Tube so you can walk through it.

    This method also works for Boxee or Apple TV should you ever purchase those.

    The very best thing to do is gather as much information as possible and then just play with your phone.

    One other thing ... you can go to your app store on your phone.  Download straight on to your phone.


    Fish, your last statement is the way to go, i recommend the downloading the Apps straight from the Apple store on i phone it is a lot easier.

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