how do you know for sure when its time to put your dog down?

    he has uncontrolled bowel movements. he has had a stroke and he cant hear. he is thirteen

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    Look into his eyes and ask him if he's ready to go (ask mentally, this will work). Dogs can hear our thoughts. If you have a great bond of love, he will let you know. This I believe. 


    love den,

    colleen brilliant x

    Unlike as with our sick and terminally ill loved ones we have the power to end the suffering of our beloved pets. Be brave and end his suffering and let him sleep forever. This is what I believe he would wish. 


    These are lovely words west-bus and excellent advice.
    Thank you for the kind words regarding my blog post. I was just on my way out to the glaze/kiln shed and thought I would sit down for a minute when I found your comment.
    You have truly made my day.

    Hi Syrus I am so sorry that it is time to say good bye to you dog Colleen made a very good point and would say the same tell him he can go and look into his eyes and say we will meet again and tell him how much you have loved him and you dont want him to suffer anymore heart goes out to you as I love animals and through the years I have had to say good bye god bless him xxx

    I totally agree with colleen. They know when it is theire time. It a very hard decion to make. and it breaks your heart to let go..

    I dont know if i could watch a pet that i loved wither away, but thats just me. Putting a dog down is very hard, it will stick with you for a while, but i know when i put mine down it was to end suffering. Mine was going to die regardless. I just hope whatever you do ends up to be the right thing.

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