Sorry folks but akaQA has turned into a joke with the inane rubbish that is allowed. Had enough I will drop in from time to time to see if any action has been taken to clarify what we are about.

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    Please check in from time to time!! It seems we have hit a lull but perhaps it's just the Season change?? I will miss you! I enjoy both your questions and answers! You are always polite and respectful ! You are special !

    I've been in and out for reasons already known but will miss you - I do not take it so very seriouly however. I have said how much I just love your picture peoplelover - and some people are just inane. Choose as here can be helpful one hopes.

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    Things change.  That's a rule like Texas weather (the old joke, wait 5 minutes...). Don't give up on us so easily.......I'll miss you............jhh

    I agree with Doolittle.  The season is changing here ... yard work and building projects.

    Google Maps is getting quite a work out here lately as well as translate.

    Inane questions?... I do suppose so.

    Take care PL... (hug) and hopefully we will see you again soon. :)

    I know what you are talking about.  It gets boring lately.Pages of dirctions, times and homework I I need to take time off too. .It is making me crosseyed.


    We have some new members and they have been pitching in to get those questions moved along. This is why I have a copy/paste pad. Makes it easier to get a lot of the repeat questions answered ;)

    Ditto Colleen.

    What inane rubbish are you referring too, not saying that there is not allot of it but can't you ignore it for the good?

    Arts & Humanities
    Beauty & Style
    Business & Finance
    Cars & Transportation
    Computers & Internet
    Consumer Electronics
    Dining Out
    Education & Reference
    Entertainment & Music
    Family & Relationships
    Food & Drink
    Games & Recreation
    Home & Garden
    Local Businesses
    News & Events
    Politics & Government
    Pregnancy & Parenting
    Science & Mathematics
    Social Science
    Society & Culture

    These are the categories allowed here. Yes, direction questions are allowed. Yes, homework help is allowed if anyone wants to answer. Relationship questions are allowed.

    Like I've said before, akaQA is a question and answer help site. It was allowed to evolve into a social environment too. The trouble is, most want to just socialize and not answer questions. They forget what the site was originally meant to be. What you call rubbish is what keeps this forum going and keeps traffic coming. The moderators get rid of the true rubbish, like that person who went after you.

    Forums like this will always go through their down times with people coming and going. Members come and members go, life has a way of pulling people back to reality. If you find no more enjoyment here, then perhaps it is time to pull back and find other interests. Take care of yourself PL. Visit when you can. akaQA will always be here as new people join and answer the questions that others have burnt out on.


    Well said! Has the last chick come out of it's egg?

    Yes DOO guess what Colleen is calling it DOWSA !!

    Being an avid member on akaQA, i prefer not to judge or criticize the questions that come through.Some people just don't know how to look up information, i don't have a problem with offering help, after all that is why i became member.


    Very good.

    Your choice PL same as mine for booking out
    I want to give help but not to the type of question that has evolved.
    Maybe it is a country thing. we in Australia have always been independent and the questions show little or no ability to think for them selves.

    My opinion not that of others and certainly not a lot of overseas members.
    We molly coddle far too much.

    I am on less than 1 or 2 hours a day when I'm resting now.

    Headless Man

    I don't know how this ended up here, I thought I was putting it under my

    This site has evolved. The questions eventually lead to opinions, which are debated, sometimes with overwhelming passion to make a point. Should the format change from what it is now would be disappointing. PL, hope you return.

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