how do i loose 65 pounds in 3 months

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    Safely. Check with your doctor. Make sure losing that much in 3 months is healthy. Go to a gym. Hire a personal trainer. Eat right. You know the rest. There is no magic weight loss program to do this. It takes conscious effort, determination and hard work.  Good luck. 

    Yes, under the guidance of a doctor would be the safest/healthiest way.

    Practically speaking, steamed vegetables and soups are very nutritious and will help you in your quest.

    Also whole grains and lots of fresh fruit, small lean portions of chicken and pork, plus fish is excellent too.

    But you have to cut out extras like butter, sugar, salt.

    If you lose the weight, think of eating in this healthy manner and you will also keep the weight off that you managed to lose.

    Walk, if you get the chance, too.

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