Who decides if it's a hate crime......

    Why if someone is killed of a different race than the killer it's more than likely called a hate crime.

    Should George Zimmermann be charged with a hate crime or should the black panters for putting a $10.000 dollar bounty on him?

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    Headless Man

    Now the bounty is $1,000,000.00 .......

    It is insane !!!!!! Even if he's guilty of Murder 2 (un-planned)... Why the heck no one is stopping this from happening!!! this is crazy!!!!!
    Headless Man

    Fear, the Black Panters have put fear into the police.......

    By Rich Lowry Editor Of National Review Magazine April 2nd 2012

    Delric Miller IV died in a hail of bullets a month ago. When someone fired 37 AK-47 rounds into his Detroit home at 4:30 a.m., he was mortally wounded while dozing on the couch. He was 9 months old. No one made the multicolored teething ring he got for Christmas or his toy hammer into national symbols of random violence.
    Last year, Charinez Jefferson, 17, was shot and killed on a Chicago street. “She begged the shooter not to shoot her because she was pregnant,” a pastor explained. The alleged assailant, Timothy Jones, 18, shot her in the head, chest and back after seeing her walking with a rival gang member. New York Times columnist Charles Blow did not write a column about Jefferson's killing as a symbol of the perils of being a young black woman in America.
    Last June, a stray bullet from a confrontation on a Brighton Beach, N.Y., boardwalk killed 16-year-old Tysha Jones as she sat on a bench. A 19-year-old man, out for revenge after an earlier scuffle on the boardwalk, was charged in the shooting. Tysha's heartbroken mother was not featured on all the national TV shows.
    In January, 12-year-old Kade'jah Davis was shot and killed when, allegedly, 19-year-old Joshua Brown showed up at her Detroit house to demand the return of a cellphone from Davis' mother. When Brown didn't get the phone, he fired shots through the front door. No one held high-profile street protests to denounce gunplay over such trifles.
    Everything about the Trayvon Martin case is a matter of contention. About this, though, there should be no doubt: If Martin had been shot by a black classmate, if he had been caught in a random crossfire, if he had looked at a gang member the wrong way, his death would have been relegated to the back pages of the local newspaper. Not a cause, not even a curiosity: Just another dead young black man. Nothing to see here. Please, move on.
    Jesse Jackson is right that “blacks are under attack.” According to a 2005 FBI report, blacks accounted for 13 percent of the population and 49 percent of all homicide victims. In 93 percent of the cases, the killer was black. Half of the victims were ages 17 to 29. That works out to 4,000 murders of young blacks in one year, overwhelmingly at the hands of other blacks. There is no comparable epidemic of half-Hispanic neighborhood-watch volunteers like George Zimmerman shooting young black men. Nor is there an epidemic of cops doing the same. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute notes that in New York City, there were nine civilian victims of police gunfire last year, whereas there were “several hundred black homicide victims in the city, almost all shot by other blacks or Hispanics, none of them given substantial press coverage.”
    An allegedly racially motivated killing, though, gins up the outrage machine in a way the routine murder of young blacks doesn't. Cable-TV outlets get to host fiery debates. Chin-stroking commentators get to urge more “dialogue.” Black leaders get to relive the glory of a civil-rights cause that won its major victories decades ago when it took real courage to be on the front lines.
    An injustice may well have been done in the handling of the Martin shooting, but let's not fool ourselves. Zimmerman could be arrested, convicted and hanged tomorrow, and it will have no effect on the lives of young black people in communities beset by social disorder.
    Whatever happens to Zimmerman, the drip-drip of spilled blood will continue, all but ignored except in the police blotter. In America, the lives of young black people are cheap, unless they happen to fit the right agenda.
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    Sad but true......

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    Headless Man

    Sad, but your right.....

    The media. I wonder why so many black men who rape and murder white women ,children and white families dont get the same attention from the media.and it has never been labeled as a hate crime/ There is a double standart. I am not a racist, but what is happening now is setting our race differences back another 40 yrs.

    I decide.  All possible hate crimes have to be reviewed by me.  My decision is final.  

    The media however try to ignore my decisions by trying people in public within 72 hours of a potential hate crime.

    Unfortunately, I can do nothing about the media.

    Questions:  contact me at

    Interesting isn't it? Hypocrisy is alive and well.  I personally think the 'new' Black panthers should all be arrested for inciting racism and offering a reward of 10k comes across to me as hiring a hitman.. But their way of doing it is totally accepted.  I am not a racist but when I see these things I think racist,  and due to media conditioning, I also feel guilty about it.  Racism is still with us but i do not think it will ever go away because racism exist just as much if not more in those that cry racisim. How you say;  "The kettle is calling the pot black.."

    Randy, your right. If I put a hit out on you, I go to jail. White on black is a hate crime. I guess black on black is a love crime. Thousands of blacks kill blacks where's the Liberal Media? Since this idiot took office the exact opposite has happened. Less tolerance from either whites or blacks. I don't feel good about the negative s** going through my head lately regarding the black community but we have a double standard. Whites that I have contact with are much more hostile towards blacks today than two years ago. I hope calmer heads prevail.

    ed shank

    The black panthers should be dealth with the same way I deal with black ants.

    the media turns it into a hate crime or crime of passion.Not the legal courts,the courts of public opinion. It makes money for any type of tv,news.

    the child has suffered, he is dead. he cannot speak for his defence. the killer coward runs and hides.

    Headless Man

    I don't know that he's a coward, with the bounty on him, I would want to be in jail.

    the man would be safer in jail. thanks.

    Did the media already try Zimmerman? - ‎44 minutes ago‎

    MSNBC contributor Toure explains why he believes the Trayvon Martin case is turning into a trial that's being conducted by the media.

    Headless Man

    I hear there doing a good job of it......

    Gotta cast my vote with the others who said "media".    What have they decided to call what the Black Panthers are doing?  Who did they decide should be the next president?  Have they set a price on how much is gasoline going to cost in June?   

    ed shank

    They may curse Obama as well, when they have to by gasoline at over $4.00/gal for their Molotov cocktails when they burn their towns down again.

    Unsure of the details of this incident, didn't make the news here to a great extent, but we do have our share of "hate" crimes, whites here, in my small community are hated, it is our fault the black community are alcoholic, child abusing, law breaking, dole bludgers (I truly am not generalizing, just some) we are called 'White dooorgs, amongst other profanities too graphic to write here, they are not allowed to be barred from the hotel-discrimination, we have to give them jobs (not that many wish to work) or it's discrimination, no matter how underwhelimingly unqualified they are, their kids are given rewards for showing up at school, ours a kick in the A*** if they don't, they are a law unto themselves and almost the untouchables, less we be accused of discrimination, and yes here too they make great media

    ed shank

    Never realized how bad it is over there. Good luck with that mess.

    As long as you understand everything is YOUR fault. How unreasonable can life be.

    the Black Panthers have a bounty on Zimmerman  for a million bucks  wow  The cops  will kill him for that much

    ed shank

    Where are these black scumbags going to get one Million dollars? It's all bulls***.

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