im a single male over 25 with a two bed council flat and have recently had incapacity benefit stopped and im waiting to go to tribunal. in meantime i dont have to sign on or look for work they are paying £135 every 2 weeks but i used to get £200 for the last ten years.i have my 2 kids every weekend fri to sun and school hols as well.i have to get extra food and use abit more elec n gas and im struggling to do it with £67.50 pw is there any other help out there for single dads like me.....

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    We are a general question & answer forum and as such we cannot act directly for you, we can only point you in the right direction.

    I would advise you to contact the Benefits Helpline on their website below. They have a free call-back service so it won't entail any cost for you.  Here are their details >>

    We can give totally impartial advice as The Benefits Helpline is not affiliated with any government department/services

    Benefits Helpline
    UK Benefits Services 

    Click link: 

    Have you tried the Salvation Army ?They provide food vouchers and can help with electricity costs.

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