200mm of rain overnight.

    And still raining heavily.

    have a thought for poor old People Lover.300mm in Caloundra,That's 12 inches overnight.

    AND there's more to come.Whew!!

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    If I lived there, I would head for the high ground!




    I am already on the high ground.But we have road closures all around us.We're not exactly stranded,there are still ways around it.But it's getting serious!

    That is so much rain! Please be careful! I know julie would like rain in drought-stricken Texas. Maybe you could ship some?


    We're workin' on it.LOL

    The rain God is pelting us down here too. But it would have to rain for forty days and nights to get us...heh...heh. We live high and we're always dry!

    Quack Quack, why are my toes joining together?

    The raingod is toying with us at the moment looks like clearing but "We know better don`t we?"

    The ground just refuses to accept any more water and I now have a swimming pool. not deep enough to swim in unfortuneately.

    As long as the people in Brisbane don`t cop it again.

    Just told a local school closed due to flooding and large shopping centre flooded.

    Woe is me quack quack frrrt. If you don`t know what frrrt is you haven`t had much to do with ducks.


    Stay High & dry mate.Sit it out.That's all we can do.Quack quack frrrt right back at ya! LOL

    And you are going to keep it all to yourself, aren't you......?


    Noooo! I have been trying to blow these bloody clouds your way all night.I've run out of breath tho.Whew!

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