Fair Dinkum!!

    Some of these blokes who post questions in their foreign lingo must think we're all multi linguists.It's hard enough translating everything into Americanese without all this other stuff.Whadda ya reckon?

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    Yes i know what you are talking about with the foreign lingo.I just refer them to google translate, it is the best we can do to help answer a question.

    I reckon we are a world wide site so we should expect some people to post in a foreign language. We do the best we can with Google translate. Those that can not be translated just do not get answered or I remove them. 


    'Strewth!! that was quick.The question was tongue in cheek Colleen,just to see if anyone knew what I was talking about.

    No probs Tommy, I was kind of tongue in cheek back with using "I reckon" like you did, lol

    We'll make a Fair Dinkum Aussie sheila outa you yet.LOL

    I take Tommys` point regards foreign language questions, I equally understand Colleens statement.

    However to ask in a forgeign letter "form" to me is not on.

    If they can read english to send questions to a English lettering site then they should be able to type in English.

    If they do not their question should be removed.

    The ones that ask in part what ever and then in clear English are another affront to the intelligence of the people on this site including our illustrious Moderators.

    These people must be able to google and, again in my opinion are taking the mickey out of us, as all they have to do is google their question for translation and or answer.


    Yeah,good point old mate.But I was really only taking the P**s.I guess if the question looks a bit interesting we can always translate to answer.But always answer in English so that they have to do the same.

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