Recording on an LED TV

    If you have an LED  TV with a PVR function,do you have to have the TV connected to the internet to record movies?

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    This may help Tommy, good luck.


    Beginners Guide to PVRs -

    Can I use a PVR to record Satellite and Cable TV ... Language TV means your PVR or Set Top Box uses an internet connection to ... a PVR has an Ethernet or WiFi ... - Cached
    26" LED TV with DVD player, PVR & SRS Audio (Full HD) - Buy ...

    Combine an LED TV with PVR, ... The built-in PVR function lets you Pause, Rewind & Record TV directly to any USB plug ... Smart TV (Internet TV) Tablet PCs; LED TVs with PVR ... - Cached


    You're a legend Leeroy,thanks mate.

    No problemo, thanks Tommyh, hope you got it going. My guess is that you don't need to be hooked up to the internet if your cablebox already is.?.

    Just bought the bloody thing and you can`t work it Tommy.

    When all else fails read the instructions.

    Don`t forget for your "You beaut holiday" 549346650439934665 that is if you can stay out of bed long enough.


    I s'pose we will have to get out of bed to eat.I'll try to give you a call then.

    You're a legend Leeroy.Thanks mate.

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