Italian captain being placed under house arrest!!. your thought on this tragedy...??


    In this photo taken on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012 Coast Guard Capt. Gregorio De Falco arrives at the Grosseto court, Italy, to heard by investigators. In a dramatic phone conversation released Tuesday, Capt. De Falco was heard ordering the captain, who had abandoned the ship with his first officers, back on board to oversee the evacuation. But Capt. Francesco Schettino resisted the order, saying it was too dark and the ship was tipping dangerously. "You go on board! Is that clear? Do you hear me?" De Falco shouted as the captain of the grounded Costa Concordia sat safe in a life raft and frantic passengers struggled to escape after the ship rammed into a reef off the Tuscan coast. (AP Photo/Giacomo Aprili)

    ROME (AP) — An Italian coast guard official vehemently demanded that the captain go back to his crippled cruise ship to oversee its evacuation, but the captain repeatedly resisted, according to a shocking audiotape made public Tuesday.

    Prosecutors have accused Capt. Francesco Schettino of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning his vessel before all passengers were evacuated during the grounding of the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the Tuscan coast on Friday night.

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    How did this guy ever make "captain", it is beyond me. His ego is beyond belief. He shouldn't be at home.......

    This is much more than human error.  I'm sure that the sordid details of the real story will come out soon.  Think of it, you go on a cruise and your life turns upside down, in an instant.  You never know what's coming!


    I'm guessing he was drinking...


    Since the captain has total authority on the ship he should be the last person to abandon the ship if it is sinking. It is the captain's duty to save as many lives as possible and think of himself last.He should be very ashamed of himself, a very weak man indeed.




    Total authority is the issue. There is only one person ultimately responsible for, course and direction, the welfare of ALL others on the ship. When he denied leadership to the passengers and crew in his charge he was guilty of dereliction of duty resulting in lose of life and personal assets. His IS guilty of manslaughter. There is no doubt.

    When the USS Cole was attacked, bombed, causing injury, loss of life and total US Military embarrassment the only totally responsible party was the captain. He could have prevented it by following standard proceedures or by commanding a defensive proceedure to be adopted suitable to a potential hostile enviroment.
    The captain of a ship, president of a corporation small or large, boyscout leader, athletic coach, construction supervisor or anyone with responsibility for the time and place welfare of persons places or things in their charge must act responsibly or pay the price. If you are in charge its your ass that should get burned. Can't say "ain't my fault I was asleep, busy somewhere else, whatever else", its still yours to eat !
    He should get the max punishment here.

    How could that captain have been off course by 4 miles? Something very fishy here. !

    So much for the captain going down with the ship.  What a stupid accident- so sad for the people who drown or are missing- tragic for their families and Awful for that water- with all of the chemicals being released as it is a dolphin sanctuary.

    Cowardice at its ugliest.

    I can't help thinking of the very thin book of Italian war heroes. What a gutless bastard !


    They had was heroes? Were they heroes when they were on the Nazi side, Or when they switched in the middle of the war to the Allied side????lol

    By the time the courts get done with him he won't be able to rent a rowboat. I hope he gets prison time.

    Lets not forget, he is in the eyes of justice innocent until proven otherwise. Be patient, let justice take its course. 


    good point....

    Lets hope he is not steering the course.

    This Captain was obviously an UNTRAINED PERSON WHO CARED FOR HIS life . Yes he should face the consequences of this mishap and be a lesson to ALL Captains. NOT TO ABANDON A SINKING SHIP!


    He wasn't "untrained", they are required to earn the position. If he was untrained the ultimate authority for the vessel might be the burden of higher-ups, who irresponsibly appointed him.

    This captain should go into history as the most coward person that ever lived on this planet.

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